Surgery for inverted nipples

Brings out the breast’s adornment ...


In women, the nipple represents the convergence of lactiferous ducts of the mammary gland, which release the milk.

The inverted nipples are invaginated nipples i.e. embedded into the breast. These are linked to the presence of abnormally short lactiferous ducts that draw the nipple into the interior of the breast, thus preventing it from naturally pointing outwards.

Inverted nipples undermine breastfeeding and can have psychological and emotional repercussions.

Procedure and scars

The cure for inverted nipples is exclusively surgical and consists in the resection of these short ducts to release the nipple, which can then point out.

As recurrences are not uncommon, various tricks are used to prevent them (interposition of areolar flaps, creating a purse-string at the base of the nipple).

The scar is discreetly located at the base of the nipple, or sometimes associated to a horizontal scar in the middle of the areola.

The intervention is performed under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour.