Improve your physical and psychological well-being... Achieve harmony between your image and your inner being... Listen to your body and your soul...

Aesthetic plastic surgery subtly combines science, technical skills, precision, sense of proportion and beauty.

Carving a face or a body requires a thorough analysis of its characteristics and flaws, and their origins.

Identifying your expectations is essential before considering the most suitable treatment for you.

Surgical operations are customized to ensure the quality and refinement of aesthetic plastic surgery.

My philosophy

I favor a natural and harmonious result in plastic surgery. I always choose the most conservative technique in order to minimize the scars and postoperative sequelae. Thus, I use all my surgical skills in my tireless pursuit of perfection.

Among the wide range of aesthetic techniques and products, I only adopt tested methods along with thoroughly tested reliable products. In other terms, I work with a clear conscience, as I would work on my own body.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is based on a relationship of mutual trust and respect between the surgeon and the patient. This relationship should be transparent in order to achieve success in this joint project. When my patients are satisfied, I am satisfied.

In practice

Before considering a surgical procedure, you need time to think. During the consultation, an information sheet and a detailed estimate of the intervention will be delivered in order to help you make your decision.

This website aims at informing you about the improvements that can be expected from a plastic surgery. However, it does not cover all potential procedures, nor does it intend to replace a consultation with a certified surgeon.

Before and After Photos

No photo is published on this website out of respect for my patients, and according to medical confidentiality and the Code of Ethics. I value my patients and their privacy. During the consultation, you will get to see before and after photos of patients who have given their explicit consent.

Given that the physical characteristics vary from one person to another, the results may vary as well. In fact, the surgical strategy is tailored after a very careful analysis of the characteristics of each patient.