Can acupuncture help smooth wrinkles?

Many people cringe when they think of needles, but there are many individuals who swear by the ancient medical practice of acupuncture. Proponents of this form of treatment say that it can help with a wide variety of issues, from stress to chronic pain, and even the signs of aging.

Some acupuncturists even claim that treatments can reduce the signs of aging, according to Austin, Texas-based Your News Now.

Acupuncturists at Whole Body Health in Austin call the acupuncture treatments aimed at reducing wrinkles and other age-related issues "Acu-lifts." During each session, an acupuncturist will put 30 to 60 needles in a patient's face, which they say can help produce the production of collagen, thus creating a more youthful appearance. Results are visible after 10 sessions. The benefits don't end there, either, they say.

"Some women actually lose weight because we're doing a lot of points on the stomach channel and large intestine," Moira McCarthy, who works for Whole Body Health, told the media outlet. "They feel better. It lowers their blood pressure, reduces stress - there's just a lot of underlying health benefits to doing it."

Does it work?

While you'll find many people who say acupuncture can work wonders, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine notes that there has been much controversy over this form of medicine. Some people say that the small metal needles used in acupuncture simply work as a placebo.

Those who are skeptical of these so-called "Acu-lifts" may want to turn to more tried and true methods of improving the aesthetics of the face. Facelift surgery, Botox injections and other skin procedures can produce long-lasting results and have been proven to reduce or eliminate lines on the face.

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