What's making you look older than you actually are

Have you ever taken a look in a mirror and not recognized the person staring back at you? Perhaps you spotted a few extra wrinkles around the eyes or sagging skin under your neck that you'd never noticed before.

Your style is out of date

Do you remember the best haircut of your life? If it was over five years ago, then it's probably time to switch things up. When you hit upon a style that you know is your best, it can be tempting to cling to it for years, but failing to evolve your look could age you.

This isn't just about hairstyle, either - your clothing should reflect your age as well. You may think that dressing as you did when you were in your 20s makes you look like you are once again in the second decade of life, but the opposite is true - people who wear clothes from a bygone era usually end up looking older.

You're caking on the makeup

Well-applied makeup can help hide certain blemishes on the skin, but overdoing it can add years to a woman's appearance. It's important to find your own unique style when you're putting on your face, but too much foundation or rouge can sometimes give a person a grandmotherly look.

Your bad habits have caught up with you
There are a few habits that can cause premature aging, even if you gave them up years ago. For example, if you started smoking in your late teens and kicked the habit by the time you were 30, you'll still likely develop facial wrinkles sooner than your non-smoking friends. Similarly, if you failed to wear sunscreen when you were younger, you could very well still develop poor skin quality later in life, even if you now swear by SPF.

Fortunately, plastic surgery can help tackle these problems and get your appearance back on track with your chronological age. Facelift surgery is renowned for helping turn back the hands of time, and many patients find that Botox injections can work wonders for lines on the face.

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