Your wrinkle FAQs, answered

Whether you've just noticed your first wrinkle or you've been coping with facial lines for a long time, it's likely you have some unanswered curiosities about what exactly causes the lines in your face, and what can be done about them.

A recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune took on some of the most frequently asked questions about wrinkles, and we've added a few of our own.

What's the deal with smile lines?
You may have heard the wrinkles around your mouth referred to as "smile lines," a term which could lead you to believe that your grin is causing unwanted signs of aging. But that's not exactly the case, one dermatologist told the news source. "Smile lines are the result of age-related collagen loss, which causes cheeks to lose elasticity and sag, producing those telltale folds," she explains. "But repeated muscle movements exaggerate them."

Will makeup cover up my wrinkles?
Try as you might, putting on too much foundation and concealer can actually make matters worse when trying to cover up your wrinkles, makeup artist Carmindy tells the news source. Those who have facial lines should use a sheer liquid foundation that reflects light, as this can make the skin look younger.

Will wrinkles ever go away?
Once they form, it's unlikely that wrinkles will ever disappear on their own. But there are cosmetic procedures that can help reduce wrinkling, like a facelift or Botox injections, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Is skin care still necessary once wrinkles have formed?
Your skin is what protects you from the sun and the environment around you, so it's never a bad idea to maintain a healthy skincare regimen. Regularly washing and moisturizing your face can not only keep your epidermis in good shape, but it may also prevent more wrinkles from forming later on down the line.

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