Multiple winners awarded for plastic surgery news

While the internet has made finding stories and information about various plastic surgery procedures easier than ever, the public must often take what they read with a grain of salt, as there is a lot of misleading and false information out there.

In fact, licensed, board-certified plastic surgeons often warn patients and prospective patients to not believe everything they read online, unless it is published by a reputable source.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) recently honored several journalists for their superb coverage of news and features regarding various cosmetic surgeries and trends. In all, six winners were chosen in the following categories: Television Feature, Television News, Newspaper, Magazine, Internet and Patient Safety.

In all, 150 entries were considered for the ASAPS' 2012 Journalistic Achievement Awards.

One of the winners was ABC News producer Julia Bain, who won the award in the Television News category for her piece "Plastic Surgery Rise for Baby Boomers." The piece discussed the increase in cosmetic procedures among older Americans and whether surgeries such as facelifts, breast lifts and others are safe for aging individuals.

Other winners included journalists representing Self Magazine,, The Commercial Appeal, The Pittsburgh Tribune and The Dr. Oz Show

"This year, there were several nominated articles that highlighted the importance of finding a board-certified plastic surgeon," said ASAPS president Dr. Jeffrey M. Kenkel."Many of these published pieces discussed medical tourism, the different kinds of injectables, the most popular surgical trends and patient safety. We applaud all these journalists for their excellent coverage of the cosmetic surgery industry and for promoting the importance of patient safety."

Those who are considering a cosmetic procedure, whether it's surgical or nonsurgical, are urged to do their homework. The best way to ensure a desirable and safe outcome is to discuss all of the options available with a licensed, board-certified plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist and to choose a course of treatment accordingly.

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