Ear surgery or Otoplasty

Reshapes protruding ears…

Definition and objectives

This intervention is designed to permanently restore the normal proportions of the ears by reshaping the cartilage in order to get symmetric “non-protruding” ears of natural size and appearance. Otoplasty is very effective in restoring a sense of balance to the head.

Abnormalities of the cartilage of the auricle are:

  • A wide angle between the ear and the skull;
  • A conchal hypertrophy or excessive size of the cartilage of the concha projecting the ear forward;
  • A defect in natural auricle folds

Procedure and scars

An otoplasty can be performed in adults or adolescents, but most of the time the correction is considered in childhood and can be practiced from the age of 7 years. Cartilage remodeling, aiming to recreate or improve the natural ear folds, and possibly perform cartilage resection, is done through an incision behind the ear, which allows hiding the scar in the retroauricular fold.

Usually the operation is performed as an outpatient procedure (chirurgie ambulatoire). The procedure lasts about 1 hour and is often performed under local anesthesia.