Smoothes the curves...

Definition and objectives

This procedure is indicated after a significant weight loss or as a treatment for a major skin release (sun abuse, smoking, ageing).

It involves removing excess of skin and potential fat "around the waist", in a single operation. The belly, pubis, waist, hips, saddlebags, and buttocks are redefined.

Procedure and scars

The bodylift is a long procedure (4 to 6 hours), resulting in specific problems, and takes place in two stages: posteriorly then anteriorly.

The posterior contouring is performed using the technique of High Lateral Tension Bodylift described by Le Louarn and Pascal. It uses fixations in the region of the saddlebags to move the skin up on the side and make the operation reliable, and a musculocutaneous flap to shape the buttocks, which have usually "melted".

The anterior reshaping is achieved by using the High Superior Tension abdominoplasty Technique, described by Le Louarn and Pascal.

The scar is positioned at the upper edge of the underpants, but may be selected before the operation to better adapt to the underwear or swimsuits worn by the patient.

The satisfaction index is very high despite the scars, because the results are spectacular providing valuable curves, and improving comfort and social life.