Even strong cheekbones are not forever

Most of us were raised with the message that "strong cheekbones" are an antidote to the aging process and those lucky enough to have them will age well. But it appears that, sadly, cheekbones lose volume and need a boost sooner or later.

When cheekbones lose volume, skin and muscle start to slide, forming jowls and folds. Lately, building up the cheeks has become a buzzed about antiaging solution. A prominent New York physician thinks building up the cheeks is the ultimate cure all: "You diminish the nasolabial folds, decrease the downturn of the mouth and reduce the hollow of the eye without touching any of those areas."

You can build up the cheeks with injectable fillers. These last for about six months to a year. The filler can be injected beneath the muscles and there is virtually no downtime, just minor swelling. The cost ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, depending on how much filler your doctor injects.

Alternately, you can build up your cheeks permanently with cheek implants that can now be custom made based on computer imaging that scans your skeleton so as to produce implants that are just right for you. These implants are placed through incisions inside the mouth beneath the muscle and won't cause scarring. Recovery takes about two weeks. Made to order implants will add $5,000 to your bill.

Fat transfer is yet another option, which uses fat from your own body and is then re-injected into the face. It is usually longer lasting than fillers and less invasive than cheek implant surgery. Added bonus is that you can liposuction a "fat rich" area like your hips, abdomen or thighs to procure it.

Whether you select fillers, fat or cheek implants, your results will only be as good as the doctor who does your procedure. Make sure your physician is board-certified by the appropriate board in his or her medical specialty.

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