Beauty and fitness tips for spring

Spring is officially here, and soon the temperatures will begin to rise, flowers will start to blossom and the days will last a little longer. As the season changes, it's important to update your beauty regimen and fitness routines. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind...

Put your skin first

When it starts to get warmer out, you'll likely be spending more time in the great outdoors. As you're soaking up that vitamin D, don't forget to pay extra attention to protecting your skin. Even though the harsh heat of summer is still a ways off, you'll be exposed to more sunlight over the next few weeks, which means wearing sunscreen each and every time you go out is a must. Remember, UV radiation is one of the leading causes of premature signs of aging!

Get fit outdoors

One of the best ways to spend more time outside in spring is to switch up your workout routine so that you are exercising outside. Walking, jogging, biking and even yoga can all be performed in the great outdoors. However, you still must take the same precautions when working out in the fresh air as you do at the gym. Be sure you stretch thoroughly before and after your fitness sessions, and if you plan on jogging outside, give yourself at least two city blocks before and after you run to warm up and cool down with a brisk walk.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water during the springtime can be beneficial both for fitness and beauty. H2O keeps you feeling great as you sweat it out on a jog or bike ride, and water can also keep your skin hydrated, giving you a healthy glow.

Now's the time for plastic surgery

If you've been trying to decide when to finally get that breast augmentation or tummy tuck procedure you've been wanting, there's no time like the present. If you are looking at more invasive surgeries, then scheduling your appointment soon will mean you'll be ready to show off your new look by the time beach weather arrives. Patients who are more interested in non-surgical options like Botox or soft tissue fillers don't have to worry about rushing to the clinic however, as these procedures carry little to no recovery time.

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