Body parts that surprisingly show signs of aging

The face is notoriously the first part of the body that shows signs of aging, typically with wrinkles around the eyes, deeper lines across the forehead and frown lines around the mouth.

However, as you continue to age, there may be some body parts that sag, wrinkle or stretch, and these too can be indicative of the aging process. Here are a few of the traditionally unexpected areas of the body that can show signs of aging:

The neck

You may be focused on your face, but just a few inches lower, you'll likely begin to see sagging skin. Many people first glimpse this issue when using a chatting program like Skype or FaceTime, as the neck isn't always so visible when looking in the mirror. Fortunately, plastic surgery is here to help. Aesthetic surgeons offer what's known as a neck lift, which can decrease excess, hanging skin between the chin and collarbone.

The arms

The next time you wave to someone, take a look at the skin running from your elbow to your shoulder. You may see that it's particularly pendulous, and you won't be the only woman who finds this disturbing. Brachioplasty - otherwise known as an arm lift - is becoming quite popular for women seeking to achieve Michelle Obama arms.

The hands

Even if you don't speak with your hands, they still get a lot of attention as you shake hands, rest them on a table or show off a ring or manicure. While men can get away with having a "rugged" look, brown spots from a lifetime of sun exposure, wrinkles and loss of volume due to aging can take a toll on hands. Hand rejuvenation can include laser skin resurfacing, fillers to plump up bony hands and proper skincare to brighten skin and protect from further damage.

The breasts

When you think of plastic surgery and breasts, you probably conjure up an image of silicone implants. However, many women opt for what's known as a breast lift, which doesn't make the bust larger, but instead helps give the bosom a perkier, more youthful look. Pregnancy and aging may cause the breasts to sag, but a breast lift performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon can recreate the shape and positioning of years past.

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